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Posts tagged: Organic Jewelry

Carval Bracelet Galore!

by Hannah Deringer |

      Carval bracelets are the new type of boho bracelets you want to be caught wearing. From bracelets that wrap twice around your wrist to ones that only wrap around your wrist a single time, these handcrafted artisan carval bracelets that you could be accentuating with are nearly endless....

Stay Strong and Buy Jewelry that Lasts for Years

by Charles Hsieh |

When it comes to jewelry, nothing screams organic quite like genuine leather boho bracelets do. Leather is making its comeback, and LESEBI has all of the perfect boho bracelets you’ll love to rock with your favorite outfits. Go for a laid back style, or show the fiery flare of your personality, all by wearing a boho bracelet from the traditional artisan...

Be Vintage, Be You

by Charles Hsieh |

Be caught wearing a vintage necklace like none other, and enjoy knowing that it’s high quality and was born on the other side of the world! One of our main goals is to provide our ladies of the fashion world with unbelievably unique jewelry, including boho, turquoise, organic and vintage. But what’s the big fuss about this unique vintage jewelry...

What's the Fuss About Vintage Jewelry?

by Charles Hsieh |

Vintage jewelry is something that many women are starting to shop for. Not only is it classy, but it also makes a statement. In fact, vintage necklaces are getting hotter than ever. Maybe it’s because of their contemporary compliments or that they are harder to find. Whatever it is, we know that vintage is key to being fashion forward. If...

The Meaning Behind Organic Jewelry

by Brad Miller |

Are you looking for jewelry that can help eliminate allergic reactions, yet keep you looking more beautiful and accessorized that ever before? LESEBI has all of the answers and products that you have been looking for. Organic jewelry is something that doesn’t come easily, and the word organic is often thrown around way too much. We hear organic in the...

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