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Carval Bracelet Galore!

by Hannah Deringer |




Carval bracelets are the new type of boho bracelets you want to be caught wearing. From bracelets that wrap twice around your wrist to ones that only wrap around your wrist a single time, these handcrafted artisan carval bracelets that you could be accentuating with are nearly endless.

At LESEBI, we have put a lot of time and effort into finding the most perfect carval bracelets that our customers are looking for. We have created thick, thin, double and single wrap bracelets to choose from, including the Small Horseshoe Carval Cuff Bracelet.

This bracelet is one that all women would cherish wearing. Its handcrafted leather strips make it a special and smaller version than you may be used to. It is hand woven and clasps together with wrought pewter horseshoe nails that we are sure you will experience compliments on. Although it is very simple, its distinct hand woven design is one that can’t be mistaken.

This specific bracelet can be ordered in a small (7 inches), medium (7 ½ ) or large (8 inches). Choose a color that you love too! Available colors include red, brown, tan and black. In our opinion, no girl can go wrong with a classic red bracelet! Stay classy and stand out in the crowd with a bracelet you’ll love to show off! Want to view more of our stunning boho carval bracelets? Shop for more options now!