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Our Story

LESEBI is a unique handmade jewelry collection inspired by vintage concepts brewed with a modern wave of style and flare. Designer of LESEBI jewelry Daniela Rodriguez, former Miss Uruguay, has traveled the world to places where she's fallen in love and found inspiration. Daniela has translated those experiences into her designs and brought these ideas to Los Angeles where the uniqueness of her organic jewelry is embraced in the boho jewelry culture. 

The pieces she has designed reflect her passion for the water, the equestrian lifestyle, and the wildlife in South America. With LESEBI, you’ll find organic jewelry pieces because of Daniela's affinity for found materials. All of these materials are translated in her worldly designs, which seamlessly integrate leather, 925 silver, horse shoe nails, and various materials into modern keepsakes. You, as one of our favorite wearers, will look dazzling and authentic when you match LESEBI jewelry with your natural, beautiful personality.

We're dedicated to bringing old traditions into the modern world. Every creative process we arrive at happens very organically. It's all about finding the hidden treasures that surround us. Bringing the natural world to you is a special part of our process.  We focus on creating the most unique, memorable pieces that connect each wearer to the great treasures we find.

Women can count on LESEBI to create distinctive bracelets, rings, and necklaces that add a simple touch of beauty while holding true to our boho jewelry theme. Enjoy!