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Posts tagged: artisan beaded jewelry

Be Strong & Confident with the Dragon Cuff Bangle Bracelet

by Daniela Rodriguez |

  If you’re someone who loves to be in charge, then you better take a look at the Dragon Cuff Bangle. This bracelet that wears perfectly around any male’s wrist and it is worth buying. It does more that show your strength! Did you know that...

Fall Style Guide- What Should you Buy?

by Charles Hsieh |

Fall is approaching quickly! Before we know it, the leaves will be falling and we’ll be experiencing “pumpkin spice” everything! If you’re looking to have one of the best seasons when it comes to your fashion, it’s time for you to be in the know about what the top fall jewelry trends of 2015 are. Big & Bold...

Father's Day Gifts Have Arrived

by Brad Miller |

Can you believe that Father’s Day is right around the corner? It seems as is if time is passing by way too quickly, which  means you need to hurry and find a Father’s Day gift as special as he is, as soon as possible. If your dad loves bracelets and/or necklaces, then you will be happy to know that when...

Summer Bracelet Suggestions Both Men & Women

by Charles Hsieh |

Finding handcrafted, artisan jewelry can be a real struggle. You may find an authentic website online, but once you receive your order in the mail, you are more than disappointed. Handcrafted, artisan jewelry use to be hard to come by, until now! LESEBI has all of the organic, but more importantly, handcrafted jewelry you have been trying to get your...

Perfection is Handmade at LESEBI

by Charles Hsieh |

Organic jewelry is hard to find. Usually when you look for jewelry it is never handcrafted or made out of organic materials. When you shop online with LESEBI, you will learn that all of the amazing jewelry we have available in every collection is completely organic and handcrafted to perfection. Perfection for us means that every single product is handmade...

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