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by James Ancheta |

Bringing fresh air to men's jewelry collection or women's is a bit more easier than you think. At various times we choose to wear our favorite jewelry pieces all the time, often wearing that piece of jewelry to its death and replacing it with something that looks the same. Revive that piece you love and make them something you show off to everybody. 

1. ADD SOME NEW MATERIAL A special occasion is the perfect time to bring something new to your collection. Pick a more unique material like horseshoe nails or leather that you could pair or replace certain parts of your pieces.  Years ago I paired my cross necklace with a leather cord and everyone loved it, it was simple but different enough.  

Trellise Necklace Horseshoe nails are a very unique material that we discovered to use for it's own characters and details.


2. CHANGE IT UP WITH TEXTURE Picking a different touch is another way to make that piece more unique and one you’ll want to wear. You can choose a hammered or aged metal texture for its character and organic detail and to be different from all the polished look that everyone has out there.  Texture can be very subtle and have a very powerful masculine effect. 

Aesir Cross Necklace Pile each Horseshoe Nails create a maze of visual pattern.


3. COMBINE TWO PIECES  Sometimes two different pieces could look great together, something that is a mixture and merging them together could make a bohemian look. One of the best options is to have a custom piece of jewelry created from pieces you already have. 



The Horseshoe Carval Bracelet  the Carval bracelet is a piece with different elements of craftsmanship, its handiwork are two separate ideas married together to create a unique piece.  


4. BRING AN IDEA TO LIFE An easy way to enhance your jewelry is to make it your self. We at our studio are putting things together to see if they would work. Our options becomes endless because there are different components that merges with many other jewels that new ones get created.  


The Lesebi Cross Pendant Simple ideas often produces a most striking results, here the Lesebi Cross Pendant showcases a most unique way to illustrate our own translation of the cross.  


5. TRY DIFFERENT STYLES & LOOKS Sometimes you don’t need to do anything to revive your jewelry, you just need to wear them. Now is the time to mix and match metals and also styles, from vintage to something modern. By doing this you can create a unique look. Everything from layering necklaces, bracelets or even rings can add contrast to any outfit. Once you start you’ll realize you have a lot of variety and you’ll start to love all your jewelry again. You really can’t go wrong unless you wear ALL of your jewelry at once– after all, we don’t want you to end up looking like a Christmas tree.


Handmade Women's Jewelry Collection

Our model Katie Virden rocks a mixture of jewelry pieces from the Lesebi collection.  A selection of men's jewelry and vintage pieces, it really emphasis the LA Girl look, very edgy and a Bohemian-Gypsy look as she hands in the local Downtown Los Angeles Market.  

LA Native male model Sebastian skates his way around the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles, Sebastian created a three tiered look combining different necklaces he put together himself, a very Los Angeles guy thing to do.  

Mainly enjoy your pieces and let the jewels speak for it self and you'll create your own look in no time and get the compliment on what you come up with.  Don't forget to subscribe and share our blog to your friends.