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by James Ancheta |

It happens every year, the last minute Christmas shopper, a tradition that most people continue every season, like an Olympic sport, it's a competition to beat shipping deadlines, racing to the store; for the name that you forgot to put on your list.  Those who succeed should win a medal.  But here are your Last Minute Gift Ideas for the season that would not make you look like you glue gun random pieces together.  


1.)  GIVE THE GIFT OF VINTAGE, classics that last forever raises the bar, skip the lines in the mall as well as that horrible gift card. 

Wolf Moonstone Earrings hand picked set of moonstones, handcrafted strategically for its inner glow.  Moonstone a type of adularia feldspar gemstone, creates an interesting diffraction from light, a well used stone during the Art Nouveau era.  


2.)  BE QUIRKY, don't show up empty handed or grab a random gift.  A quirky gift in good taste will go a long way, specially when its simple and fun.  


Our Crystal Charm Collection are a great gift to a young professional.


3.) BE IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, its the most bought piece this Christmas season and it is always the borderline in the price range.  Crosses are the most sought after piece this season, a jewelry item that stays a classic.  


 Check out our Cross Collection one of the most powerful personal talisman, the Lesebi Crosses are quite unique pieces of jewelry with signature materials of horseshoe nails.  

A favorite of men's fashion blogger Tommy Lei of MyBelonging.  


4.)  BE TRENDY, shop for rosary necklaces, one of the most popular items this season are various styles such as natural gemstones, stainless steel rosaries, Lesebi jewelry had come up with our own version of mixtures of natural gemstones, silver and Swarovski crystal rosaries this season.  




5.) BE A KNIGHT AND SHINING ARMOR, save the day by making someones holiday bright and extra special, bring in something new and fresh to your special someone, chain mail is a one of a kind present and Lesebi jewelry has created a never before used material in jewelry.  Our chain mail version comes from a very special horseshoe nail that makes every fashion house jealous they don't have it, just ask Tommy Lei from MyBelonging, who searched for the must have piece for men's wardrobe.  

The Equus Bracelet is one of a kind, unique in all aspects of its creation, made from horseshoe nails and centered around the process of creating chain mail, a fabrication used by medieval knights for when in battle.  

Enjoy your last minute shopping, and make us your one-stop shop this holiday Christmas season.