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What is Fashion's Ultimate Iconic Piece?

by James Ancheta |

Aesir Lesebi Cross:  An Iconic Fashion Statement

 One of the oldest symbols in human history, used throughout various religions, society, cultures; the cross has been one of the most iconic symbols of all.  A humble symbol to many, yet it has been the most ornate talisman to use.  Fashion has been inspired by many styles of the cross, some controversial but none the less a most striking image.  Lesebi jewelry has also been inspired by the cross, for the past seasons we have searched for materials and different processes to recreate an Iconic Fashion Statement.  Lesebi jewelry has created for this season a type of cross that centers around the materials of Horseshoe Nails, such material is created from pewter, and specially treated to prevent from oxidation.  


The Aesir Cross is Lesebi's signature piece this season for men, created by hand wrought Horseshoe nails, bound together by fire.  There is a natural oxidation that occurs through its production an aged look that enhances the Aesir Cross texture.  Lesebi Men's Collection offers three color variations for the Aesir Lesebi Cross Necklace, it comes in brass, silver and copper, a detail that has an eye catching effect, beautifully wire wrapped by hand with a seamless finish.  

Aesir Copper Necklace
Aesir Silver Cross

 The Aesir Cross Necklace stands apart from many crosses, we wanted to step away from a design process that is overly clever.  The Aesir has a simple visual message and that is to clearly show human movement by artist, and creativity driven pieces.  





Crosses are a continuous lasting Iconic Fashion Statement, interpreted by creatives and fashion movements, in material, process and technology.  Lesebi's Aesir Cross is its own style, original to the core of its make.