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Lesebi Jewelry Features On Tommy Lei's MYBELONGING Blog

by James Ancheta |

See The Interview With MYBELONGING Tommy Lei HERE

Before the weeks of LESEBI's Jewelry Launch, we have been anticipated by America's leading men fashion and lifestyle blogger Tommy Lei of MyBelonging  Tommy has a great eye for fashion detail and worldly traveled he has attended our launch held at our Jewelry Showroom Studio.  Lesebi jewelry shared our story of our unique finds from around the world and got the behind the scene scoop of what it takes to produce our American Made products and Lesebi's search of rare materials in jewelry.  

Tommy Lei took photographs of his favorite pieces on Lesebi's men's collection.

Lesebi jewelry designer  Daniela Rodriguez, shows the process of how each leather piece was created and how each horseshoe nail statement pieces were individually created by hand.  

Our time with MYBELONGING Tommy Lei was quite a enjoyable experience, to have shared our work with a great creative.