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by Daniela Rodriguez |

When there's spring, summer is only a few weeks away, comes at the speed of light, leaving us with the best kind of memories from pool parties to dancing the nights away in flowy dresses and falling in love with new boho jewelry pieces - pieces that take you back to these hot summer days at the sight of them and make you relieve everything in a flash inside your head.

It's inevitable - certain smells, clothing, jewelry items have the power to connect us to a particular time, person, place or event that now is only a memory. This is something that happens to all of us! When was the last time you wore or saw something that brought you back to a happy past memory? 

I'm really looking forward to this summer, which is why I have the perfect golden jewelry to accompany me on my summer adventures. Each one magically unique ready to bring those effortless bohemian vibes back to me!!! 

When summer rolls around, I like to mostly wear dresses/rompers and give a complete voice to the jewelry I add on because it easily sparks the effortless chic summer looks I try to achieve. Jewelry has always been a game changer for me when I try to go for a certain message, whether that's happy, a bit edgy or simply summer ready. It's like art that easily brings out the best of YOU! 

This season you'll see me wearing lots of gold jewelry (my favorite) including these spiral inspired earrings that give a fun twist to the hoop earrings we all love. They remind me of the sun, delicate and bright... just exactly what I like! 

I know I'll be able to style them with anything and everything from bohemian (a Coachella staple) to classy looks. These are the kind of earrings that go with the flow of your outfit and make it a memorable on

I love to mix and match lots of bracelets during the summer because that makes my summers even more fun. Having a ten piece bracelet like this to easily stack up on the go is always the best part before heading out. This bracelet could be your best mate from brunch to a day at the pool. It's chic, the beads are ready to play and I predict a day can't go by without you wanting to wear it.

Currently having an arm candy full of different colors and textures is so in style, that it would be strange not to have a single bracelet on. The more, the better= the more FUN this summer! 

Speaking of stacking bracelets, this turquoise cuff is another must-have for me because it's got that summer bohemian vibe that I love. It's captivating from miles away and I know all my desert goddesses out there would love it as much as I do. If you're on your way to Coachella ( how many of you are?), this is your ticket to turning your boho chic dreams into a reality. 

Inspired by the elegant girl on the go (my readers), I find that this cuff can keep you stylish throughout your summer adventures. Do any of you have exciting plans already for the summer?

For more glamorous summer nights, my final jewelry choice would have to be these pink geometric earrings named "Malibu". They'll easily dress up any summer party outfit of yours, all you have to do is get the party started LOL! 

I love the bright pop of pink, the rhinestones, the way they hang like a million dollar chandelier. Truly so stunning, I cannot get over their beautiful design! One thing's for sure, these earrings won't ever bore you or leave your outfit feeling empty, lacking any kind of spark. 

I think seeing these earrings styled with pastels or a monochromatic white look would be a sight to see, one you wouldn't ever want to forget. Breathtaking to the point of you wanting to wear them every single day!