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by Daniela Rodriguez |

Hello everyone,
Looking back, the first thing that got me interested into fashion was... any guesses? JEWELRY!!! 

I always looked forward (still do) to adding my favorite pieces to any look. It was literally my favorite part of dressing, to tie it all together with gold necklaces, funky bracelets and statement earrings. 

Of course my love for fashion has evolved since I started the blog, but jewelry was the first and main reason that opened up the way for me, made me pay closer attention to what pieces I was combining that would tie in with my mood, my style and my easy-going personality.

I'm still so passionate about jewelry that the moment I walk into a store I head straight to the jewelry selection and gush over all the sparkly necklaces and dainty rings. 

Through the years I've become very fond of gold accessories, even though sometimes I like to add silver ones into the mix for more fun. 

So now I'm sure you can imagine how EXCITED I am to share with you my favorite fall jewelry pieces. All handmade, inspired by vintage concepts with a modern twist of flare and style, by my personal favorite brand LesebiAre you ready to be dazzled? 

1. "GREECE" Tassel Necklace & "CABO SAN LUCAS" Tassel Earrings 

 This is the "power couple" duo in the collection that everyone finds charming, beautiful and irresistible. As you can see the earrings and the necklace compliment each other perfectly; one without the other would be hard to picture. 

I know they're meant for both, casual days and special nights, because I have experimented with them lots already and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. Plus, tassels make my heart sing (literally) as I'm growing my collection one tassel at a time! 

This is the season to rock your tassels, even shake them from time to time because you know we live only once and on the dance floor is where it's at. Turn up the music nowwww....     

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2. "SAVANNAH" Pom-Poms 
YAY for pom-poms!

I've wanted a cute fuzzy pair like this for so long, I can't even explain to you how happy I was when I picked them up from the mail. That same night I wore them to a fun night-out and totally love the fact that they look the BOMB with anything and everything you're wearing.  

Honestly, I want these same earrings in every single color there is because I know for sure I'll be wearing them all season long. (I already know what to ask Santa to bring me for Christmas!) 

As someone who loves to make a statement with my earrings, these beauties do just that, like a piece of cake, effortlessly with style. This is where the award goes to "most adorable" earrings of my jewelry fall collection!!! 

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3. "MILAN" Necklace 
The golden era continues with this cool spiked necklace that I love adding when I have a low cut top, so it's center stage catching the spotlight. 
Here I had so much fun styling it with an all-around edgy look that says " you better not mess with me" in full black with leather accents like the embroidery jacket and the current trending vinyl leather. How would you style this necklace? 
Lately, I've been getting so into geometric type of jewelry pieces, which really bring that WOW factor to any outfit because there are so many unique designs all over the internet. I can browse for hours (not an ideal situation, but I can't help it), marking my favorite ones for "later" when in fact they arrive three days later at my doorstep. 🙊
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4. "GEO" Necklace and "TOKYO" Earrings  
The next lovable duo by me is the crystal set of long necklace and earrings. 
Again, I'm so drawn into the cool geometric forms, the exquisite finish and mostly the fact that I can call them mine. 😜 
This is the kind of set that can make you remember a simple tee and a pair of jeans.... just look at them! What's more, I love the delicacy and class they would bring to a glamorous dress, if you ever have a more proper event to go to. 
Hands down the Lesebi jewelry is one of the best!!! Their costumer service is beyond incredible, you can tell each and every person is so passionate in what they do. They have brought so many smiles to me and showed so much love and support for what I do that I'm so thankful to call them, not only my favorite brand, but my friends. 
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5. Wrap Bracelet  
To finish my jewelry collection with a bang, I've got this awesome rhinestone, leather type of wrap around bracelet with a magnetic closure to simplify your life (not having to ask someone else to clasp it around your wrist). Can you tell, things like that get me way excited?!!! 
Okay, I know this is supposed to be a bracelet, but I freaking love it and thought one day to wear it as a choker, which surprisingly fit perfect around my neck and looked in sync with my outfit (how funny is that?), so from now on I'm thinking to interchange it depending on my style looks. This, by the way, is called cho-let!!! 😂  (Take notes, new trend is coming hahaha)! 
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~ I get commission from purchases or clicks made through the links in this post. 
~ All Lesebi jewelry was send to me by the wonderful team. I would not have shared this brand with you if I wasn't a fan. 
~ Photography@artisticspring
I'm looking forward to hearing which Lesebi pieces you liked the most? Also, as always share this post with friends and I'll see you again very soon with a brand new post. Bye! 
                                                                                                                                       Love, Radi